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Wichita Clutches

With a size range of 6” to 60” (150 mm to 1500 mm) diameters in various design configurations, Wichita's expertise in controlling the acceleration and deceleration of heavy duty drive systems provides the ideal solution for all of your energy requirements.

Standard Vent

The standard vent clutches are specially designed to provide quick, smooth starts with limited current surge for heavy duty applications.

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Power Takeoff

Both air tube & mechanically activated PTO's are available in side load and in-line models.

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Low Inertia

Air tube design provides fast response with smooth engagement. Low Inertia design reduces power consumption & heat build up.

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Kopper Kool

These units represent the ultimate in very high heat dissipation. Used in the most rugged tensioning applications including drawworks and anchor mooring.

High Torque

This Product does not have a description.

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Coupling Clutches

The standard vent combination clutch/ coupling, unaffected by centrifugal force, is designed for reliable in-line power transmission


These units provide fast, smooth cycling for stamping presses and metal forming equipment by combining a high performance clutch and spring set brake in a compact assembly.

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Oil States Clutches

Oil States Industries has several product lines that cater not only to the oilfield but mining, paper, logging and marine industries, as well as other industrial applications.
ELASTA-FLEX® Clutches and Brakes are the result of over sixty years of Oil States' uncompromising commitment to quality products and service.
Available in CB, VC, and Marine Clutch styles, ELASTA-FLEX ® is clearly becoming a major choice for power transmission in a wide variety of applications.


Designed principally for high torque applications, the VC is the answer to demands for a durable, high thermal capacity drum clutch or brake.

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Well suited for a broad range of general power transmission applications, the CB utilizes an integral rim/tube construction. This unique concept provides

CM Marine

The Marine Clutch series elements are an upgraded ventilated version of the CB series that provide higher torque capacity for demanding applications.

Drums Hubs Spiders

This item has no description.



Marland Clutches

Marland has been producing overrunning clutches since 1931. Primary Marland products are backstops, clutches and clutch couplings utilizing either the principle of cylindrical rollers on inclined cam planes for low speed applications or sprag technology for high speed requirements. Worldwide installations range from food processing plants to equipment used in steel mills and heavy mining industries. Marland one-way clutches and backstops have been protecting costly equipment, preventing injury and preventing lost production time for over 60 years.


One-Way HB Clutches are the only clutch for your Hydro-Dynamic brakes. Design allows brake to work only when lowering loads from drawworks cable reel.


These are used in applications that exceed normal clutch speeds, require uninterupted and continuous duty operations, where conditions are extremly wet, dusty, and abrasive or in other adverse atmospheric enviroments.

Auto Backstops

Units are designed to operate in gritty enviroments and provide positive roll back protection.



Industrial Clutches

Established in 1930, Industrial Clutch Products has designed and manufactured A complete line of dry AND oil-immersed clutches and brakes, ranging in size from 8 to over 42 inches in diameter, with torque capacities exceeding four million pound-inches. We also specialize in hydraulics and controls for use with our clutches and brakes.


The HC/CH clutch, with the EWA/EDA provision, is available in two styles. The EWA model is designed to run in an oil immersed application while the EDA units are designed to run as dry friction clutches. Both styles incorporate the high quality construction and performance of the Industrial Clutch standard Model HC clutch including:

  • Forced oil cooling provisions for high energy engagements
  • Disc Pac cores are designed using extra heavy plate thicknesses to maximize torque and heat capacity while minimizing spline wear to both the disc cores and hub
  • Friction materials for both wet and dry applications are designed to provide high thermal and smooth engagement performance
  • Wet friction material used in the EWA style oil immersed units allows for the use of both EP (extended pressure) and vegetable based oils

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The Model LK clutch and brake has evolved over many years as a perfect choice for applications requiring rugged and efficient clutching and braking of tough and unusual type loads. The design incorporates an extremely low driven inertia, highest torque capacity per envelope size, and the quickest response with minimal air consumption of any clutch or brake available. It is particularly suited to those applications requiring frequent cycling and long life such as is found in metalforming or indexing applications.

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The Model LKT clutch or brake contains identical features to the Model LK units with the exception being the cylinder piston arrangement. Whereas the Model LK unit has a full cylinder covering its entire outboard end, the Model LKT has a doughnut type cylinder which allows it to be mounted in a through-shaft arrangement as an air set brake. The design incorporates an extremely low driven inertia and the quickest response with minimal air consumption of any clutch or brake available. It is particularly suited to those applications requiring frequent cycling and long life such as is found in metalforming or indexing applications.


The Model LKM marine clutch incorporates many of the features found in our Model LK clutch series with some notable exceptions. Cyclic applications, where the LK style finds its most frequent use, contain duty cycles which bear little resemblance to marine main propulsion service. Marine clutches are required to make infrequent, yet in some instances, severe engagements from a heat standpoint. The clutches are also called upon to run for extended periods in the engaged position (ahead clutches) and for extended periods in the disengaged position (reverse clutches).


The Model LKB spring-set brakes incorporate all of the design features of the LK style clutch and have been in existence equally as long. They are the perfect companion to the LK clutch if the application requires a clutch and a brake since both units are extremely fast in response, have low air consumption, and contribute the lowest possible inertia to the system that must be started and stopped.


The Model CBA combination clutch-brake is an oil immersed unit utilizing a self-contained cooling oil-pumping system and capable of being actuated with either air or hydraulic pressure.

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The Model HBA brake is an oil immersed, air or hydraulically set brake designed to be mounted on a drive train shaft extension.

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The Model HBS brake is identical to the Model HBA brake except the unit is designed to be spring-set and hydraulically or pneumatically released. This spring-set actuation feature makes it suitable for those applications requiring the presence of full braking torque in the event of loss of actuation pressure or machine power.

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