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TB Woods Couplings

TB Wood's is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of mechanical power transmission equipment for industrial control. Our mechanical product lines include: clutch and brake, synchronous and belted variable speed drives; grid, disk, jaw, gear coupling and elastomeric coupling products; sheaves and bushings. Registered trademarks include Sure-Flex®, Dura-Flex® Form-Flex®, G-Flex® and QT Bushing®.


Sure-Flex is a TB Woods original! Sure flex couplings utilize a rubber or Hytrel thermoplastic flex elemnet to transmitt torque and accomidate shaft .

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Dura-flex couplings "split in half" element design allows for easy element installation/replacment without moving connected equipment.

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The Jaw type elastomeric coupling is an economical, proven solution for general purpose applications.


Form-flex metal disc couplings consist of two hubs, a spacer, and two high strength carbon or stainless steel flexible discs.

Gear Type

Fully-crowned gear teeth provide operational benefits including maximum load-carrying capacity with minimum size, maximum reliability and long life.

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Wichita Couplings

Fluid Couplings

No description for this product

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Well suited for a broad range of general power transmission applications, the CB utilizes an integral rim/tube construction. This unique concept provides

CM Marine

The Marine Clutch series elements are an upgraded ventilated version of the CB series that provide higher torque capacity for demanding applications.

Drums Hubs Spiders

This item has no description.



Ameridrives Couplings

Ameridrives Universal Joints are made for demanding industrial applications with designs to accommodate high torque, high misalignment and axial travel. Americardan U-Joints are precisely engineered with the latest design technologies, utilizing precision machining and heat treated alloy steel.

Universal Joints

Designed for operation at high misalignment angles up to 15*. Bearing and seal design resists lubrication loss and contamination.


These are used in applications that exceed normal clutch speeds, require uninterupted and continuous duty operations, where conditions are extremly wet, dusty, and abrasive or in other adverse atmospheric enviroments.

Auto Backstops

Units are designed to operate in gritty enviroments and provide positive roll back protection.



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