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Integrated Drive Systems provides SCR (DC) drives for the drilling and industrial automation industries.

DRILLING: For nearly 30 years, SCR Drives have been the standard for offshore and land rig equipment. SCR drives provide many benefits including:

But most SCR drives used on drilling rigs have not taken advantage of the technological developments that have produced VFDs, AutoDrillers, and other modern drilling equipment. Most SCRs use old analog designs and technology that was developed in the 1960's. Modern digital design provides a more cost effective drive, with more features, lower cost and higher reliability.

IDS proudly integrates Parker/SSD, compact, digital SCR modules to offer the oilfield's most compact SCR drive system. And we provide the training and technical support necessary to assure successful commissioning and serviceability. IDS systems conform to industry standards and are built to provide the finest control yet withstand the rigors of the oilfield environment.

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION: Integrated Drive Systems offers Parker/SSD and Bardac DC drives for many different applications like:

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