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Integrated Drives Systems understands AC drives, having serviced and integrated drives for over 35 years! And we understand the fundamentals relationships between speed, torque, and position allowing us to provide the best solutions to your drive application.

DRILLING: AC Drives (VFDs) are now recognized as the preferred method of control for offshore and land rig equipment. AC drives provide many benefits over older technologies, including:

IDS provides the training and technical support necessary to assure successful startup and reliable operation. IDS systems conform to industry standards and are built to provide the finest control yet withstand the rigors of the oilfield environment. Quality IDS Power Control Houses are the result of decades of drives service and systems experience.

MARINE: IDS proudly integrates VACON AC drives for marine applications. With air-cooled and water-cooled offerings, Vacon is original equipment in many vessels and is recognized the world over for their reliability and service support. The following applications are prime candidates for IDS and Vacon:

AUTOMATION: The people of IDS introduced AC drives to many companies for the first time and provided the service support necessary to assure their successful implementation. We have an intimate understanding of the relationships between speed, torque, and position, and can provide the best drive-related solution for your application. Working with products like Parker/SSD, Vacon and Yaskawa, we apply AC drives in the following applications:

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